President’s Message, August 2019

Greetings, This past week Jay and I have been using a combination of Maps, Census and City Directories to find the modern name for the old Caribou road called the Venning Road. We used the 1895 Caribou Directory that is a complete index to Residents, Businesses, Streets, etc of Caribou with other useful information. The […]

President’s Message, June 2019

Greetings, The month of June is here. It’s time to tramp through the graveyards. Bring a clipboard and paper to record the information on the headstones. Remember to check all sides of the headstones. Taking a camera to take photos is great way to record the information. Remember the bug spray. This is when to, […]

President’s Message, March 2019

Greetings, I hope as we (hopefully) reach the beginning of the end of winter, we have started to think and plan for interesting genealogical adventures for the coming year. One of things that may be useful to do is revisit families or records you have not looked at in a while. With new material added […]

President’s Message, November 2018

How do you like early winter?! Hopefully, you got all sorts of genealogical stuff done this summer which is now waiting on your desk to keep you busy all winter. As a follow-up, my 3rd grader, grand-niece read two of my grandfather’s WWI letters. She was able to read at least 90% of what she […]

President’s Message, September 2018

Greetings Genealogy Junkies! Hope your summer research and travels are fruitful. I was pleased the other day when my grand niece told me that when she goes back to school for third grade that she would be learning cursive. I told her I was so happy. I told her that we could read my grandfather’s […]

President’s Message, June 2018

Greetings, Hope you are all having fun with your summer research and making lots of discoveries. Try and go to genealogy meetings when you can. Not only can you learn from others…they can learn from you. We all have a lot of knowledge that we’ve picked up along the way. We should try and pass […]

President’s Message, May 2018

Greetings, Hope you are all hard at work doing research. Perhaps those of you who live away from here will be able to come to one of our meetings on your travels. We have some very informative and enjoyable meetings. We will be deciding what museum to visit in July as we don’t have a […]

President’s Message, April 23, 2018

Hopefully you will have a productive year of searches and travels. Remember that everything is not on the Internet. Most of us who have been doing this for 30, 40 or going on 50 years plus started before computers or the Internet. We had no choice but to write letters with SASEs (self-addressed stamped envelopes), travel […]