The Families of the Upper Saint John Valley in 1790

— Compiled and Edited by Brenda J. Bourgoine, Ann M. Cushman, Dennis J. Prue, Allen J. Voisine

The Families of the Upper Saint John Valley in 1790 is a work that documents 68 families on both sides of the river. This publication is a compilation of all the known original families now contained in one volume. From this small community, literally thousands of descendants are scattered to the four corners of North America. Each chapter includes the head of household, their spouse(s) and their respective parents, their children, and who they married. Other information that will be found is the head of household’s occupation(s), applicable crown land grant(s) and acreage received. An all-name index can be viewed on the ACGS website.

As a resource work, it also gives citations to research lines back to Acadia, Quebec, and beyond thus facilitating research using other genealogical works/sources. It is a companion to the original 1790 United States Federal Census for the Province of Maine, State of Massachusetts.

To find out if a person you are searching for is in this book, click here: 1790 Families Name Listing.

The cost of this 68 chapter, 240 page book, fully indexed is $45 ($34 + $11 shipping & handling) USD funds only. *Please email to for shipping outside the US. This book can be ordered using the Order Form below.

The 1850 – 1880 Aroostook County Censuses and Mortality Schedules

— Compiled by Allen J. Voisine

The Aroostook County Genealogical Society presents its first publication. Please note that the 1850 Census has been updated. Each individual Census has a complete index with standard and variant spellings of all known French and Acadian last names used in the particular census along with a complete explanation on how to read the complete census document is also included in the preface of the document.

The price in American Funds is $55, which is the price of CD, including sales tax and shipping and handling. The price in Canadian Funds is: $60, which is the price of CD including shipping and handling.

Newspaper Obituaries

Many newspapers have been donated to the ACGS. We have made it an ongoing project to clip and save any information of genealogical interest and we have sorted and collected them into notebook form. Linda Zapatka has scanned the obituaries to make them available to researchers and the following books are now available. Every year may not be complete. These books can be ordered using the Order Form below. *Please email to for the cost of shipping & handling.

  • Aroostook Republican 1959-1972 has 380 pages, 1069 lines in index, $50 + shipping & handling
  • Aroostook Republican 1973-1976 has 244 pages, 689 lines in index, $50 + shipping & handling
  • County Times has 67 pages, 187 lines in index, $30 + shipping & handling.

Aroostook County Men Who Served in the Civil War

— Researched by the ACGS and compiled by Linda Zapatka

This is a two-book set, which can be purchased separately. The first book has the records of men who listed Aroostook County towns as their residence when they joined the Civil War. Each soldier is listed by the town of residence and records include their enlistment records; if they survived; if they returned to The County, where they settled, and where they are buried. If a soldier died during the war and we were unable to find the records, that soldier will not be listed. This book is 462 pages with an index.

The second book of 42 pages consists of pictures of headstones, monuments and other materials gathered during the research of the Civil War book. It is self-published on demand.

The cost for the 462 page book is $50. The picture book is $10. Total cost for both books plus shipping & handling is $70. *Please email to for the cost of shipping & handling.

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