Archival Notes, November 2018

On a recent trip downstate, I stopped to visit a lady that I meant on my summer bus trip to Cape Cod. She works at the Brewer Public Library. When visiting there she showed me their Historical Room. They primarily collect Brewer materials but did have some other Maine and New England publications. Very nicely […]

Archival Notes, September 2018

We have had quite a bit of activity in the archives this summer. We have seen researchers from Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts as well as Southern Maine. Requests have come in from other areas, and we have tried to provide an answer to everyone, sometimes just giving suggestions where we think they should look. On August […]

Archival Notes, June 2018

Summer is finally here! I hope you are getting out to do research. Our ACGS group continues to get requests for help from away. Some persons contact us through our website, Facebook, our private e-mails and in calls to local libraries who refer them to us. Ann, Dennis, Allen and I have collaborated to answer […]

Archival Notes, May 2018

Nancy indexed all of the New Brunswick Genealogical Newsletter articles. They are on our shelves along with a printed copy of the index. Thank you to Jay for doing the newsletter and all the copying he has done for ACGS. Allen has downloaded, printed and arranged in book form latest issues of The County Guides […]

Archival Notes, March 2018

Linda has made and donated new ACGS business cards this month; she arranged in albums many obituaries for the library, one of which is Evergreen Cemetery only. Another folder contains Vital Records in Presque Isle’s Town Report for March 1931 to March 1932. Pages 102-116. Thank you, Linda. Ann, Dennis and I have completed the […]

Archival Notes, February 2018

We are going to relate a little history of how some of our information is acquired. On January 5, 2018, via Aroostook Genealogy, Shirley Wells uploaded a pdf file titled “William Bubar” with the comment;” I thought some of you might enjoy this.” The source newspaper, “Democrat and Chronicle,” (Rochester, New York) Thursday, 19 February […]

Archival Notes, October 2017

Allen reports that he and Linda have completed all the work assembling the books and indexing the last of the obituaries. Great job accomplished by them. We extend our thanks. Recent donations of books, papers, microfilm and CD’s include: Evergreen Cemetery, Nancy Bubar; Cochran Cemetery, Brenda; Thibodeau Reunion Genealogy Book,Gendreau Reunion Genealogy Book, and 1st […]

Archival Notes, August 2017

Our library has been used quite a bit this summer. We have had visitors from “away” who are looking for information. Some were very surprised at the volume of our collection. We have outgrown our shelf space and plans are underway to make changes which will allow us to have more room. I want to […]

Archival Report, June 2017

Recently the ACGS Library received a donation of books from Allen’s cousin, Patrick Voisine. Patrick mailed the books from his home in Illinois. Some of the abbreviated titles are: Dean & Kavannah Report; Irish Arrivals in Canada by Terrance Punch-4 vols; Baptisms of St. Andre, Kamouraska 1791-1940 Births & Deaths St. Hilaire, NB 1869-2009; Births […]

Archival Notes, May 2017

The Aroostook County Genealogical Society (ACGS) Library in the Archival Room at The Caribou Public Library (CPL) is gradually growing its’ collection. The growth has been phenomenal since we were invited to meet at CPL and bring our research books and materials to this location. Ann and I have attempted to make items easier to […]