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Program “Brick Walls”

This month we will discuss “brick walls.” Since we are all presumably doing research, it is just possible that we may run across something that may refer to someone else’s brick wall. So please bring into the meeting a blank piece of paper so you can take notes on other members’ brick wall concerns such as names, location, time period, etc. But do not forget to bring in your brick wall problem to share with the other members.

Dennis and I have been doing further research on the one-half-acre graveyard of Samuel Nightingale in Maysville (Presque Isle) at the Registry of Deeds in Houlton and have now located all the sales and purchases, including foreclosures, to date. But the exact location is somewhat vague because of the description on one of the deeds. We need to pursue this further based on the adjoining landowner and his land.

The Maine Old Cemetery Assoc. in their quarterly newsletter had a letter from Kevin Michaud. He is still trying to locate Canadian Veterans who participated in WWI and WWII who are buried in Maine. He would like to place a Canadian Flag on their burial site. If you know of any, please contact me and I will forward the information along to him. He has over a hundred at this time.

Hope to see you all on Monday, September 27th, and do not forget to bring your masks.