President's Message

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Tour of Stockholm Historical Society Museum

Now that summer has arrived, it is time to get out and visit those cemeteries and reunite with ancestors from the past. It is also a great time to do some traveling to do other research via town, church, and historical records from the past even though the price of gasoline is going out of sight. Plan your travel so as to encompass all your research as a combined effort.

Our next meeting will be on the 27th of this month with a visit to the Stockholm Historical Society. We should plan on meeting at the Caribou Library at 5:30 pm in order to carpool to Stockholm and be in Stockholm between 6-6:30 pm. You may take your own vehicle and if you wish to bring a friend who is not a member of ACGS that you think might enjoy the tour that is fine too. The more, the merrier.

See you all on the 27th and stay healthy, the virus is still around (I know firsthand).