The Importance of Full Place Names

Remember to write out town, county/parish, state/province, and country on your charts. At the very least have it correctly noted in your records somewhere. You may know what you mean but, down the road when you leave your records behind it may not be very apparent to someone else. Did you know there’s a town of […]

Genealogy Road Show on PBS

The other night I watched the Genealogy Road Show on PBS. One of the individuals being helped was a woman who had information that her mother birth record listed her mother’s race as colored. The lady wanted to know if this was a mistake or if her mother was really colored? The genealogist was able […]

Sharing Your Genealogy Files With Others

Please remember when you wish to share your genealogy with others as an attachment file, do not assume that person you are sending the file too is using the same genealogy program that you are using. All genealogy programs have options on how to send files that you wish to share with others. Go to […]

Recording Locations

Reprinted from the November 2009 newsletter by Jay Bullard In recording data into your files, how do you record the location where and when a historical event or fact happened? Do you take the easy way out as I do; eg, record the location where it is known today even if the historical records call […]