This Old Tree, April 2020

For the first month of social distancing, I have been busy organizing some of my genealogy magazines and papers. I stated in my President’s message that we should try to do some genealogy and sorting of our papers. Well, I have been doing what I have been preaching to spend some of the Covid-19 shutdown […]

This Old Tree, January 2020

“Find a Grave” has Wills!!! This column is about the value of finding copies of the wills of your ancestors. Today, on January 11, 2020, I was fortunate enough to run across a copy of the wills of a man and his wife from Culpeper County, Virginia. Both wills were found on the “Find a […]

This Old Tree, August 2019

Patrick Connelly was from Ireland and he settled in what is now Caribou, Maine in December of 1829. Caribou was then called Eaton Grant and he was one of the early settlers. Patrick was single when he came to Eaton Grant and he would later marry one of his neighbor’s daughters, Catherine Kelley, sometime between […]

This Old Tree, June 2019

This column is about death records. I have sent for and received two death records for members of my family. The two were Tallman Kelley, a 2nd great-uncle, and the other family member was Melvin Kelley. Melvin Kelley died on May 28, 1936. His parents are listed as Lawrence Kelley and Elizabeth Kelley. Tallman Kelley […]

This Old Tree, March 2019

This is the rest of the story on Charles Tray and Catherine Bishop. Part 3 I was able to know who the oldest two Children in the Family, Emma and Philip were Catherine’s children from her first marriage to a Louis Proulx. Since Prue/Proulx is my last name I have done a lot of research […]

This Old Tree, January 2019

The Mystery of Charles Tray and Catherine Bishop, part 2 In my last column in Nov. 2018 I had found Charles Tray Family in Old Town, Maine per 1870 Census. I then found the family in Waterville, Maine in 1880 census. The family makeup in 1880 was Charles age 39, Catherine age 46 and four […]

This Old Tree, November 2018

The mystery of Charles Trade and Katrina Bishop The facts as they appear are straight forward. There is a marriage record in Old Town, Maine for Charles Trade, 33, son of Peter and Mary Trade marrying Katrina Bishop 36, a widow on 30th of April 1870. From the census entry taken on 10th of June […]

This Old Tree, October 2018

This time the topic is making use of a valuable resource that is often overlooked: namely, the University of Maine at Orono Campus‘s Fogler Library. The third weekend in September, Spike Savage and I went to the Maine State Genealogical Society meeting. We went down on Friday the day before for several reasons including driving […]

This Old Tree, September 2018

August is reminding us that the summer is coming to an end. Meaning that for me it is time to look over all my different lines and see what is missing. I was looking for information for one family out of York, Maine. I reviewed the early families in the York, Maine. I had little […]

This Old Tree, June 2018

Helping Others Can Have Unexpected Benefits This is Part Two on the Search to Break a Brick Wall Orlan Smith, of our local genealogy group, was given a possible hint as to who his Second-great grandfather’s parents might be by Karen from the museum on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Like I said in last month’s […]