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Caribou Archives Room

You may ask where we hold our monthly meetings. At the Caribou Public Library, in the basement in the Archives room. What is in the Archives room? That is what we will find out at our next meeting as Brenda, Ann and Allen will give an “explanation tour” of what is available and how it is shelved.

Besides some of the older local newspapers being stored in an adjacent room, the meeting room is now a genealogic repository of books, binders, and biographies of many of the people who lived and developed Aroostook County. Just maybe, you may find the key to who you may be looking for when what is available on those shelves in that small room is exposed to you.

I just found out that all the newspapers and records that were stored in the attic of the Court House in Houlton are being digitized and a copy will be distributed to all the Libraries in Aroostook County. In the past, Dennis and I have spent a couple of days there and found plenty of old records and newspapers from all over the county up there.

Hope to see you all on Monday, October 25th, and do not forget to bring your masks.