Dennis Prue

Dennis Prue

Dennis has been researching family trees for more than 30 years. His expertise has been invaluable in helping to break through brick walls.


This Old Tree, June 2013

This month’s column is a reflection of a quote from a member, Calvin Hall, about looking at one record, or for more information on a person, you most often have to review again the previous looked at material.

This has been true when review original church records for the 1790 Book out the Ste. Anne church, for Fredericton/Kingsclear area. While reviewing the Mazerolle family records, I came across two baptism records for two daughters of Etienne Willett and Marie Martin. Marie Anne was born in April of 1813 and christened on 17th June of 1813 and her younger sister Susanne born on 15th of March of 1816 and christened on 2nd of June 1816. In looking at the various Godparents I knew the Marie Martin was most likely a member of the Martin family that settled the Madawaska area.

Allen reminded me that Etienne Ouellette and Marie Martin had three children baptized at St. Basile. Julie was born June 10, 1805, Marie-Henrietta born December 17, 1807 and Michel born in September 14, 1810. These children also had Godparents that would belong to Martin families that Settled in Madawaska and the Fredericton area.

I looked for Etienne Ouellette in various censuses in New Brunswick. I found him under the name of Stephen Ouellette in the Palmerville, Kent, New Brunswick. I found that Etienne (Stephen) and Marie oldest known child was Etienne junior born about 1802. Etienne Ouellette and Marie Martin marriage and their first known child baptism would have happen in the known gap in the parish records of St. Basile.

Etienne and Marie’s daughter Julie would marry Laurent Hebert on October 15th of 1823. They were granted a dispensation for three degree of relationship. Julie and Laurent were second cousins. Julie mother Marie Martin and Laurent’s mother Marguerite Martin were first cousins. Marguerite is the daughter of Armand Martin and his wife Agatha LeJeune. This means that Marie Martin is a granddaughter of Jean Baptiste Martin and Marie LeBrun.

Based on who Marie Martin used for godparents she is most likely, either an unrecorded daughter of Francois Martin and Euphrosine Gueret, or his brother Joseph Martin and his wife Marie Josephte LeJeune. More work needs to be done to see if her placement can be pinpointed to just one of the sons of Jean Baptiste Martin and Marie LeBrun.

If you are looking at town or church records and find a person with the same surname you are researching but do not have them among family information you already have, make note of the information. You may well find that they are part of the family you are working on and just did not know it.