Genealogy Road Show

RTE which is Ireland’s national TV and radio broadcaster has licensed their “Genealogy Road Show” to PBS. The episodes will start to air in Sept. Traveling experts will try and […]

Genealogy is “web-like”

There was an interesting article dated 7 May 2013 in a National Geographic blog. Statisticians and geneticists looked at the “web-like” tapestry that is genealogy.

Down Survey

An article in explains about a collection of maps assembled in Trinity College Dublin that reveals the ownership of lands taken from Irish families and given to landlords during […]

Where did they go?

Do you have people who just seem to have disappeared? Try contacting the local library, historical society, or genealogical group in the town or county where they were last found. […]

Shifting Borders

Shifting borders in Europe can cause confusion about an ancestor’s country of origin that may be noted in census or official records. See if their language is noted. That would […]

Old Newspapers in Houlton, ME

When you live in area that was once part of the wilderness, finding records can be a challenge! When an area is first being settled, there is no town and […]

This Old Tree, June 2013

This month’s column is a reflection of a quote from a member, Calvin Hall, about looking at one record, or for more information on a person, you most often have […]

Vice President’s Message, June 2013

Lately I have been thinking about the work I have done with genealogy. I have talked about what I learned over the last twenty years but my knowledge of family […]