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This Old Tree, January 2019

The Mystery of Charles Tray and Catherine Bishop, part 2

In my last column in Nov. 2018 I had found Charles Tray Family in Old Town, Maine per 1870 Census. I then found the family in Waterville, Maine in 1880 census.

The family makeup in 1880 was Charles age 39, Catherine age 46 and four children: Emma age 18, Philip age 15, Alsed age 7, George age 3.

Charles is listed as living 1885 city directory in Waterville on Stanley Street. I know that his wife is still alive at the time because she was a Godmother to one her grandchildren Charles Frederic Poulin; her daughter Emma’s first child.

The city of Waterville has a gold mine of info as one of the few places that had a copy of the 1890 census for the City of Waterville that been stored in the public library. The info was put into book form by the local historical society.

I looked at that book and had found that Charles and Catherine were both dead by 1890. The children were still alive. Emma was married to Jacques aka James Poulin, Alcied and George Tray are with their older brother Philip aka Philomen Proulx and his wife Marie Emilie Dostile aka Mary Dusty living on Gold Street. This census answered question I had what was Catherine’s first husband last name. Now from the 1890 census I knew it was Proulx. I was very interested in finding out that Catherine was first married back in Canada.

I looked for marriages for Emma and Philip in Waterville. Emma was married twice first in 1884 to James Poulin. No parents were listed. But her second marriage in 1900 to Treffie William Tardif lists her parents as Louis Proulx and Alexandria Leveque. These are the same names that Philip listed on his marriage record in 1889 to Mary Dusty.

I looked for marriage records for Alcied and George. Alcied married in 1891 to Emma Tardif.

He listed his parents as Moise Chartray and Alexandria Levesque. George listed the same parents in Winslow when he married Malvina Drouin in 1900.

I also found in Marriage records in Waterville that of Charles Moise Tray to Alexandrine Leveque on Feb. 4, 1880, a blessing of marriage in Catholic Church. Charles and Catherine aka Alexandria were married in April of 1870 in Old Town, Maine.

Just recently I found Moses Chartray and Alexandria Levesque headstone in St. Francis cemetery in Waterville, Moise Chartray died Dec. 22, 1884 and Alexandria on Oct. 25, 1886.

Now that I knew Catherine aka Alexandria Levesque first husband was Louis Proulx. I looked in my research on my Prue/Proulx family and found that I already had information on this family of this couple.

Next time I will review the family of Louis Proulx and Alexandria Levesque.

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