While doing English genealogy for a friend I happened upon some interesting maps. Look for erosion maps. For example look at East Riding of Yorkshire maps. You will see where […]

From on line Readers Digest….

20 of the Most Shocking DNA Test Discoveries Exposed: A woman found out she was a “chimera” because the genetic tests of her children showed she was their aunt. She had absorbed […]

Micro film at UMPI

Vital Records, (Births, Marriages, Death): Pre 1892, 1892-1907, 1908-1922, 1923-1936, and 1937-1955 Aroostook Republican: May 11, 1887-Dec. 26, 1929 Star Herald (North Star, Sunrise, Democrat, Pioneer, Beacon, County Times): Dec […]

Dirt Poor & Threshold

The floor was dirt. Only the wealthy had something other than dirt. Hence the saying, “Dirt poor.” The wealthy had slate floors that would get slippery in the winter when […]

This Old Tree, January 2019

The Mystery of Charles Tray and Catherine Bishop, part 2 In my last column in Nov. 2018 I had found Charles Tray Family in Old Town, Maine per 1870 Census. […]

President’s Message, January 2019

Greetings, I hope that our members and guests have had a good holiday season. This is the start of a New Year, and time for new goals and projects of […]

A story on CBC News TV that you can read about online. Drones and ground penetrating radar are being used to map the Fort Anne Garrison Graveyard at Annapolis Royal, […]