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Research Using the US 1790 to 1850 Census Records, Cont.

This is the second column on using the 1790-1840 early US Censuses to help complete your pre-1850 family. I am using two relatives, the Kelley Brothers: Patrick and Lawrence. I’ll start with Patrick; he was married to Rachel Whiteneck. They were married about 1824.

1840 census Patrick Kelley household:
1m – under 5
3m – 5-9
1m – 15-19
1m – 30-39 Patrick
2m – 40-49
1m – 70-79
1m – 80-89
1f – 10-14
1f – 30-39 Rachel

1850 census with the person’s age:
Patrick Kelley 12
Son “Jonas” 19
John Kelley 17
Lawrence Kelley 14
Thomas Kelley 24 {in his own household with wife Alice}
Patrick Kelley 48
Bathsheba Kelley Sands 21 {in her own household with husband Samuel}
Rachel Whiteneck Kelley 46

Three more children were born after the 1840 census:
Esther 10
Elizabeth 7
William 4
The son, who would be 19, is not found anywhere, more on him later

1840 census Laurence Kelley Household:
1m – under 5
1m – 5-9
1m – 10-14
1m – 16-19
1m – 40-49 Laurence aka Larry
1f – under 5
2f – 5-9
1f – 10-14
1f – 20-29 Elizabeth

1850 census with the person’s age:
Son “Moses” 10
Amos 19
Patrick 17
Walter 27
Laurence 52
Mary Elizabeth Anne 10
Henriette aka Harriet 12 nearly 13
Sarah aka Sally 16
Daughter “Hannah” 19
Catherine 23
Daughter 24/25 ”Ellen” either died earlier or was already out of household
Elizabeth Parkes Kelley 41

Three more were born after the 1840 census:
Johanna b. 1843- d. bef 1850
Larry Jr 6
Tallman age 1

The Census for 1840 was done from late spring until earlier fall. The area of Caribou was done in either late May or earlier June. This made a difference in the family’s makeup because on July 7, 1840, the Priest traveled to Caribou/Fort Fairfield, held church services, and offered to christen anyone’s children no matter what faith they were.

Patrick & Rachael has the following children baptized:
Thomas 15,
Bassy, age 10,
John, age 7,
Lawrence, age 4,
Patrick, age 2.

The son who I call Jonas age 9 was not christened I believe he had died between census earlier in June and the first week of July when the rest of the children were baptized.

Laurence and Elizabeth have the following children christened:
Sara Bridget, age 6 months
Henriette, age 3 and
Mary Elizabeth Anne age 1 month

The daughter age 9 and the son age 2 were not baptized at this time, I believe they had died between the census and the christening of other children on July 7, 1840.

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