From, dated February 4, 2022, is an article about the history of the U.S. Census’ 72-year confidentiality rule.

From, dated January 20, 2022, is an article saying that the 1921 census for Wales and England is now online. It explains the history of their census. It was […]

CNN WORLD has an article dated Dec. 22, 2021, about the world’s oldest family tree reconstructed from a Stone Age tomb. JSTOR Daily has an article dated Jan. 12, 2022, […] has an article dated Dec.13, 2021, with footage documenting life in the 1920s in Ireland. There is also one dated June 11, 2021, on the Irish famine coffin ships.

The National Cemetery Administration of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs updates its burial lists daily. Hopefully, they sometimes find the names of Civil War soldiers buried as unknown.

An article in the Washington Post dated Jan. 14, 2022, states that they’re researching over 5,500 members of Congress who were born before 1840; over 1700 owned people. There were […]

An article on explains why Jewish people (and others) didn’t have their names changed at Ellis Island. Their interviews took at least 20 minutes, and their documents were checked, […]

There is an article on posted on March 12, 2021, about the 1666 Census of New France, referred to as the Talon-Trudel census. The is also an article posted […]

“Second Boat” Periodical Donation

Jay has donated his complete nine-volume collection of “Second Boat” plus an extra volume he put together that contains the indexes from each of the nine volumes. They are periodical […]

Pfc. Ervin O Hanson 1925-1945

Ervin O Hanson WWII This request was called into the Library by a member of Stories behind the Stars. Information was needed to make a bio about this WWII soldier […]