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Understanding Surnames

Going over the lists of guilds I found surnames and even given names all derived from occupations. Here are a few:

Baker, Brewer, Collier, Cooper, Draper, Dyer, Fuller, Glover, Goldsmith, Mason, Merchant, Sadler, Skinner, Smith ***, Tanner, Taylor, Tyler, Weaver

***There are many different kinds of smiths and the colors can be surnames too.

-Blacksmith works with iron and steel
-Bladesmith forges knives, swords, daggers, etc.
-Brownsmith works with brass and copper
-Coinsmith or moneyer works with just currency and coins
-Coppersmith or brazier works with copper
-Goldsmith mentioned under surnames
-Gunsmith makes and fixes firearms
-Locksmith works with locks
-Silversmith, also known as Brightsmith, works with silver
-Swordsmith is a bladesmith who only works with swords
-Tinsmith is a tinner, tinker, or tin plate worker who works with light metal
-Weaponsmith forges spears and axes etc.
-Whitesmith works with white metal like pewter and tin or a person who polishes or finishes the metal