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DNA update by National Geographic

In the August 2019 issue of the National Geographic on page 94, author Andrew Curry discusses “Who Were The First Europeans?”

If you have any Europeans in your DNA you will be surprised by how far back it goes now and what area most of them settled in after they left Africa 45,000 years ago or so.

You are a member of at least three different groups of migrants.

First, you have Neanderthals DNA and Neanderthals disappeared within 5,000 years after the first group of migrants arrived. The first group of migrants lived as hunters and gatherers in small, nomadic bands.

The second group of migrants were Neolithic farmers and settled onto closeby land as their population increased slowly.

The third group of migrants was Yamnaya. They had mastery of horses and wagons and introduced a new mobile lifestyle to Europe.

As you read the article try to relate the facts in the article as to how the Native American were treated in the 1600s.

Jay Bullard