This Old Tree, May 2018

Helping Others Can Have Unexpected Benefits By Finding Your Own Ancestry Records This month’s column is about the benefits of helping fellow genealogists (or those trying to do their family tree). One member of our group has a brick wall in one of his/her major lines. I and others have racked our brains trying to […]

This Old Tree, March 2018

Irish Ancestry Records And How to Find Them In March I often think St Patrick Day. I know that I have Irish ancestors because my mother was s McConnell who earliest ancestor in North America from the Emerald Isle. I reviewed my DNA results which show that 29% of my ancestors were from Ireland and […]

This Old Tree, February 2018

Name Changes over Time And How to Find Them Most people seek to find who their first known ancestors in North America are and where they came from back in the old country. For some people, that is all they really care about. I, myself, enjoy finding who was the first person in each of […]

This Old Tree, January 2018

Looking at the Living Relatives And Where to Find Them This is the start of a new year for genealogical research. I am suggesting that the readers of this column take stock and review their family tree(s). We (you) may be able to update/add information, as there are more new resources online. Review the individual […]

This Old Tree, November 2017

Your Family’s Vital Records and where to find them. There are many sources that are available for doing research. The problem stems from either not knowing where to find the records or they are not accessible to non-professional Genealogists. The old advice “start with what you know” is where to begin. Record the information you […]

This Old Tree, October 2017

Did You Really Read the Records? This month’s column is about reading early records carefully. One can be overjoyed to find proof of your ancestor’s vital records that you recorded the primary information without noting the secondary information that may be found in the records. My example is the marriage record for Denis Hal(y)e with […]

This Old Tree, August 2017

Who Is Mary Ann, wife of Stephen Cobb? There is a lone headstone on the side of Aroostook Road 9 miles due south from the Cross Road in Benedicta, Maine. Spike Savage and I had been told about this headstone a couple of years ago. We finally had time to go and find it and […]

This Old Tree, June 2017

Who’s My Daddy and Who’s My Mommy? By Guest Poster Allen J. Voisine This is what I know of Jean Philippe Lang or sometimes Long my 5th great grandfather who served in the Revolutionary War. No, he didn’t fight for the American Independence, he served in the King’s American Regiment from 1781 – 1783. After […]

This Old Tree, May 2017

This month I would like to remind all the readers, especially those that are just getting started, do not forget the female side of your ancestry. Many of the women are just facts and figures without a lot known of their individual lives in many trees. Many people focus on doing a straight line to […]

This Old Tree, April 2017

Where Do You Look? This is going to be a short column. The topic is finding christening records in out of way places. Recently on April 1, 2017 I went to the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. They had a new book in the Victoria County section. “The Baptismal Records of Ste. Anne Catholic […]