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Pfc. Ervin O Hanson 1925-1945

Ervin O Hanson WWII

This request was called into the Library by a member of Stories behind the Stars. Information was needed to make a bio about this WWII soldier who was KIA and is buried in Margraten Cemetery in the Netherlands. The soldier’s bio and a picture will be converted to a QR code which will be posted next to his tombstone. This will allow anyone visiting his grave to access the code and read about the soldier.

Ervin O. Hanson b. June 9, 1925, in Perham, Aroostook, Maine, was the son of Benjamin Hanson and his wife, Bessie Ellis Bowles Hanson. He was killed in action on April 19, 1945. Ervin was the only child they had as they separated & divorced not long after he was born. From age 7, Ervin lived with the Harold Jenson family. Two Aroostook Republican newspaper articles were the only information that I was able to find about him. Military records state that he received a Purple Heart, but no news record was found.

This is the reply I received after sending this information to Stories behind the Stars member Kaye. “Wow, wow, wow- I am stunned! My heart always beats faster when I get to see a picture of a soldier I’ve been researching. Thank you so very much – no one has been able to find this man!”

I believe that this is a very worthwhile project as it ensures that our soldiers who died for our freedom will never be forgotten.