Row of ancient books some of them over 300 years old
Picture of Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Requesting Headstone Photos

Would each member bring to this meeting a few (not more than 20) copies of headstone pictures from your collection. Maybe they are relatives – they don’t need to be, perhaps something interesting or unusual? Please put your identification on the back and if you know what cemetery it is located in. Return address labels work great when placed near the bottom edge of the picture. Pictures of cemetery signs are accepted also. This will be a bulletin board display in the future.

Organizational work continues as we continually improve our library.

Our book, The Families of the Upper Saint John Valley in 1790, has continued to have steady sales though not at last month’s pace. Dennis and I are familiar faces at the local post office, and we’ve had great assistance and service from the counter employee there.