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Vice President’s Message, August 2013

Well how is your summer going so far? If you are like me my genealogy work has slowed down to a crawl from other activities. I know some of you are taking the time to travel and do some genealogy work while on vacation I hope you have some interesting stories to tell us this fall. Many of you are taking advantage of the good weather to travel now as because we all know what winter is like.

As for me I am taking time off from my work to help some of my friends on their tree. I find taking a step back from my work and help someone else can be a help to me. Sometime working in other areas can open the door to some new information that I did not expect. The more people I look at I fine a connection to part of my tree.

I hope by the time fall gets here things will slow down and I can get back to my work. In future letters I will put in a story or two on some of the interesting people in my tree. My favorite story is of my great grandfather Joseph Sargent and what I found in the National Archives. Another one is of a great grandfather who was in the British Navy. If you have someone of interest please share it with us. I am also looking for stories on the women in my tree, as they are just as important too.

Orlan Smith

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