Words of Wisdom From Mark Twain, Part 6

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming task and starting on the first one. If you want to change […]

The Mayflower Quarterly Magazine started a three-part series, with the spring 2022 edition about the ships that followed the Mayflower. There are no surviving passenger lists so they had to […]

Why is it called New Portland in Somerset County? It was given to people from Falmouth (now Portland) after it was destroyed by the British Fleet in 1783. There’s a […]

When you’re looking for ancestors from certain towns or don’t know where they came from, don’t forget the Maine Registers. You may find them listed as town fathers or listed under […]

Hopefully, you saw the 60 Minutes episode on CBS last month about the man who bought a house in Virginia that was on the plantation where his ancestors had been […]

The Bangor Daily News has articles on the use of the death penalty in Maine that is very interesting and they do contain genealogical info.

There is an interesting article in the Maine Archives and Museums Quarterly from the May 2022 issue: “Cemeteries as Museums by Ron Romano.”

ACGS Headstone Display

The plan is that this display will encourage those members who haven’t explored cemeteries to do that. This variety of photos is from members’ personal collections plus some which are […]