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This Old Tree, April 2015

This month column is on the Family of Nathaniel Bartlett and his wife Louisa Baker. This past month program was on Louisa’s sister Charlotte, wife of Nathaniel M. T. Willey. Nathaniel Bartlett married Louisa Baker on September 29, 1830. They lived in Hancock Plantation in northern Maine.

They would have eight children:

1. Nathan Baker Bartlett b. Feb. 18, 1832 (named for Louisa’s father)

2. Caleb Bartlett b. Dec. 22, 1833

3. Jesse Bartlett b. Dec. 5, 1835 (named for his Aunt Sophronia Baker’s Husband Jesse Wheelock) (Twin)

4. Enoch Bartlett b. Dec. 5, 1835 (named for Louisa’s brother Enoch Baker) (Twin)

5. Ephraim Bartlett b. 1837

6. Sophia Bartlett b. Aug. 22, 1840 (named for her grandmother Sophia Rice Baker)

7. Adelina Mathilda Bartlett b. 1842 (named for Aunt Adeladie Baker)

8. Nathaniel R. Bartlett b. 1845 (named for his late father).

By April 1845 Nathaniel Bartlett is dead; his widow is now in charge of his estate. There is an inventory of the estate in April 1845. His death is known because of his probate records found in the Court House in Houlton, Maine.

By August of 1849 it appears Louisa Baker Bartlett is dead because her brother-in-law Jesse Wheelock is now in control of Nathaniel’s estate and a second inventory is now being done. Louisa is never mention in any of the later probate records. In the end of June 1859 Jesse Wheelock died. The land is divided up amongst the eight children.

With both parents dead by time of 1850/1851 censuses the Bartlett’s children are farm out to their mother’s family.

In the 1850 census for Hancock Plantation (now Fort Kent, Maine) are:

5. Ephraim age 11,

6. Sophia age 9, and

8. Nathaniel age 5, living with Jesse & Sophronia Baker Wheelock.

In the 1851 Census for New Brunswick we find the following Bartlett children:

5. Ephraim now living with his Uncle John Baker & his wife Sarah.

4. Enoch Bartlett is living with his Aunt Amanda Baker & her husband Augustus Webster.

2. Caleb Bartlett is living with his Aunt Adelaide Baker & her husband Caleb Slocomb, and

7. Adelina Bartlett is with her Aunt Charlotte Baker & her husband Nathaniel Willey

1. Nathan Baker Bartlett, I could not find him in the census (he may have been with his Aunt Elizabeth and her family, she also not found in either census).

3. Jesse Bartlett was not found in the census, may have been with his brother Nathan.

Some of Bartlett children moved to Michigan in 1860’s & 1870’s This is where their Aunt Elizabeth and her husband John E. Morton had moved as well as their Uncle John Baker and Aunt Amanda Baker Webster.

The following is brief summary of the children’s lives.

1. Nathan b. 1832- d. Feb. 14, 1918 in Colfax, Michigan. He married Augusta Sophie Grew and had 5 children.

2. Caleb b. 1833-d. April 15, 1900 in Fort Fairfield, Maine. He married Georgianne Sloat and had at least 3 children.

3. Jesse b. 1835- d. Oct 28, 1862 Washington D.C. during the Civil War. Was never married.

4. Enoch b. 1835- dame 3, 1913 in Langley, Washington. He was married three times. First to Susan Keaton, then after 1870 to Henriette LNUK, and finally to Lulu Davis on March 4,1887.

5. Ephraim b. 1837- d. September 27, 1862 at Will Creek, Virginia during the Civil War. He was not married.

6. Sophie 1840-d. July 21, 1890 in Fort Kent, Maine. She married about 1857 to Robert Savage of Fort Kent and had 5 children

7. Adelina Mathilda b. 1842- after 1883 in Michigan. She married twice first to Nehemiah Beckwith Hartt August 25, 1859. They had 7 children. Adelina remarried after Beckwith’s death to Benjamin Glazier by 1880 they had 1 child. Could not find them in 1900 but by 1910 census Benjamin is listed as a widower.

8. Nathaniel R. Bartlett b. 1845-d. after May 10, 1882 in Montana Territory. He appears to have never married

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