Typhoid and Natural Disasters

From American Heritage May/June 1994: Typhoid Mary’s name was Mary Mallon. Typhoid is of the Salmonella genus and is mostly spread by contaminated drinking water but, some people were chronic […]

From American Heritage Magazine Feb 1973: During the War of 1812, there were over five thousand American POWs in HM Dartmoor Prison in England. They were sailor privateers, merchant seamen […]

Also found: www.acadian.org website which has different topics you can research. Remember the 1950 census will be out in a few months.

I came across a copy of the Shamrock Leaf Newsmagazine in the Archival Room at the Caribou library. Did more research online and found www.newirelandnb.ca. That takes you to old […]

Requesting Headstone Photos

Would each member bring to this meeting a few (not more than 20) copies of headstone pictures from your collection. Maybe they are relatives – they don’t need to be, […]