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President’s Message, February 2020

My theme for everyone is to make use of the time when the weather is nasty and outside activities are at a stop. Use some of that time to update your various genealogy programs or to read some of the back issues of genealogical magazines that you have lying around the house.

Once I finished what snow removal and clean up I had for that day, and with cable down and out, I worked solely on checking and updating my family tree with a genealogical program that is free of needing the internet. I was able to stop stalling and did do some genealogy for just me.

I used the time to update and fill in missing data for my family from our 1790 book “The Families of the Upper St. John Valley” that we published almost six years ago. I reviewed and updated about 25% of my family in the book in roughly three hours. It was a good way to relax with genealogy.

Take some time to just relax with your family tree. By reviewing data it can help you keep in touch with your roots. Or for me, it can be a good and fun way to relax.

May you have happy researching in 2020!