From working on a Mayflower lineage for someone: When using the Five Generation/Silver Books they may actually have a 6th and 7th generation in them for some lines. It sometimes […]

Don’t forget probate is not just wills, estates and trusts. It’s also for name changes, adoptions, guardianships and more. Probate Court has had names such as Court of Protection, Poor […]

From a suggestion by member Frances Heales: Hearth taxes (property tax) were collected in England and Wales from 1662-1689. Scotland’s was from 1691-1695 and Ireland’s into the early 1800s. The […]

Gleanings from the NEHGS e-newsletter

Onomastics is the study of the etymology, history, and use of proper names. Etymology is the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning. The Maine Genealogist […]


Was the Term “Eavesdroppers” Coined From a Misunderstanding of Architecture? In Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace: Hampton Court, it is claimed that little painted figures of human faces carved into […]

President’s Message, February 2020

My theme for everyone is to make use of the time when the weather is nasty and outside activities are at a stop. Use some of that time to update […]