From working on a Mayflower lineage for someone:

When using the Five Generation/Silver Books they may actually have a 6th and 7th generation in them for some lines. It sometimes took until those later generations to verify the 5th.

When doing a person’s line we only had to submit proof for the last 4 or 5 lines. They accept the first 5-7 generations which have already been documented in the Silver Book series. This speeds up the application process.

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  • SuCox47

    Thank you for the comments about the Mayflower research. I am working now on gathering evidence on those 4-5 generations. The Mayflower Society has verified the first 6 generations from Stephen Hopkins to Reuben Chase Sr. The problem is in verifying Reuben Chase Jr and wife Harriet Dickinson to daughter Rosanna Chase who married John Wilson of Ireland. The only proof of Harriet Dickinson’s name is in the son John Chase’s death record. Was hoping there was a Chase or Dickinson descendant also doing research on this family. Thanks!