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The Importance of Full Place Names

Remember to write out town, county/parish, state/province, and country on your charts. At the very least have it correctly noted in your records somewhere. You may know what you mean but, down the road when you leave your records behind it may not be very apparent to someone else.

Did you know there’s a town of Warren in all six New England states? Bristol is a name in all six NE states– or did you mean the one in England?

You could go on with this with the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish too. If your family stayed put it wouldn’t be an issue. The wanderlust over perhaps centuries could make things confusing. It probably would make an interesting map of their travels though. Then throw in Dutch and French names to the mix for example. There are lots of places that were the “old country” and folks wanted something familiar.

If your ancestors were early settlers in NE or the rest of the 13 original colonies or Canada the name of the town they lived in may give a hint of where they came from.