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The Aroostook County Civil War Enlistments Book

(Fair project for 2015) by Linda Zapatka

The book is to establish as many as possible men that enlisted from Aroostook County Towns. Would like to locate the men in the 1860 Census, where they were before enlistment and if they made it back, where they were in the 1870 Census, after that would like to find where they died, and when and maybe even get a picture of the military stone which they should have.

(Can do the stones in warmer weather)

Sample: Elbridge did not make it back:

Elbridge G. Decker

Elbridge G. Decker, a resident of Bancroft, Me., enlisted age 23 years, as a Corporal on Nov 2, 1861; he was mustered into Company ā€œIā€, Me 11th Infantry. He died of disease on Feb 10, 1863 at Front Royal, Va. (b. 1838)

**The 1860 Bancroft Census, lists Elbridge Decker, age 21, a farm laborer, born Maine, living with J.W.C. Moore family

** Buried Beaufort National Cemetery, Beauford, S. C. listed Elbridge G. Decker, Corporal with Company I, Me 11th Inf. Died Feb 10, 1863, Grave No 1797.

John Hamilton from Bancroft, Me. made it back:

John M. Hamilton

John M. Hamilton, a resident of Bancroft, Me., enlisted age 33 years old, as a Private on October 10, 1862, he was mustered into Company ā€œEā€, Me 22nd Infantry, he was promoted to Corporal and was mustered out at August, Me on Aug 14, 1863. (b. 1829)

**The 1860 Bancroft Census, lists John Hamilton age 30 a farmer, born New Brunswick, and his wife Drusilla age 24, with children, Lucy C. age 5, Martha A. age 2, wife and children born Maine, also have day laborer John Sharp age 49, and his two children John L. age 10 and Rebecca age 15, living with them.

**The 1870 Bancroft Census, lists John M. Hamilton, age 41, head of household, a farmer, born New Brunswick, with wife Drusilla age 35, children Lucy age 15, Melissa age 11, Olive J. age 9, David E. age 6, and Lydia A age 3

**Buried Walnut Hill Cemetery, North Yarmouth, Cumberland Cty, Me (Mar 22, 1830- Feb 18, 1903 (pic stone)

Will have books containing all towns, with all the men who enlisted and also index sheets, listing all men we find and town where they enlisted, so they can be looked up in the big book, as some did not enlist where they were living. Some men I have no idea where they were before the war and where they ended up when they came back.

So far the list has gone from 1547 to over 1835 names, and they keep coming in, so we have our work cut out for us. Brenda has a list of who signed for what towns. If you have single sided sheets, can write what you find on the back or on a separate sheet. Iā€™m hoping to be in Caribou the month of Feb so any sheets that I can get back will be put in as soon as possible as there are still a lot of towns that have to be looked up.

Thanks for the help. ~Linda

Iā€™m sure we will have a great CIVIL WAR Booth at the Fair.