President's Message

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President’s Message, September 2018

Greetings Genealogy Junkies! Hope your summer research and travels are fruitful.

I was pleased the other day when my grand niece told me that when she goes back to school for third grade that she would be learning cursive. I told her I was so happy.

I told her that we could read my grandfather’s WWI letters together. I also send cursive notes to her and also print them. We should try and encourage the young ones to learn it even if we have to teach it ourselves.

If you have an old family letter or journal let them try and puzzle it out. Before they freak out type a page using a cursive font and then also print it.

Should they ever go to Washington DC it would be nice if they can look at our founding documents and be able to read them. Reading cursive is not quaint!

Off my soapbox. Until later.