President's Message

Brief on-point messages from the president.


President’s Message, September 2015

Summer is gone, but we have some beautiful fall weather yet.

You can walk cemeteries, as it may not be too hot which it can be unsafe at times. I am planning to revisit some that I did many years ago. I have a better camera now and have done more research so hoping to recognize more names. Hope you have some research planned too.

Thank-you Jay, the open house was a success, good company, good food I always look forward to it.

These are some of my thoughts on the Bits & Bites section of our meeting.

It is recorded by our secretary, Frances Heales and is a brief report from each member who is present at the meeting about what they have done since our last meeting or whatever is on their mind about genealogy. It is not really a part of the business meeting or planned program for the meeting but more of an update for members to share.

The newsletter editor, Jay Bullard makes the final decision where it best fits “space wise” when he sets up the newsletter.

Not all groups are fortunate enough to have a monthly news-letter. Thanks to him, ACGS does.

Brenda Bourgoine