President’s Message, March & April, 2020

Greetings to all members

We have had to cancel our society’s meetings for these two months due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. The city of Caribou has requested that the Library, where we normally gather, cancel all meetings that are normally serviced by the Library. This is to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. The fewer large groups’ gatherings the less chance of becoming sick.

This measure is to protect all our members some of whom are older and this virus is much harder on those who are older (60 + years) or already have medical issues.

It is sad but you should make the best use of time lost to review your genealogy research. Review what you have. See what you may be missing. So look over the family group sheets of your ancestors. Make lists of what is missing.

Be sure to review information given to you in the past that you felt did not help you then. Maybe now that information is pertinent to solve some of your brick walls.

This also might give you more time to relax with your family. Stay safe!

Respectfully Submitted by
Dennis Prue