President's Message

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President’s Message, January 2017


I’m now starting my second stint as the prez. I’d like to keep these messages short and sweet as I will still be doing my column.

I hope that you will give me some ideas on topics and speakers for our meetings. I would also hope that you might be willing to give a talk on a subject that you are familiar with and you think would be interesting and helpful to us in our genealogical endeavors.

The talks are usually 15-20 min. give or take plus any questions. I hope some of us will have things that we can talk about on short notice in case some of our scheduled speakers need to cancel last minute. We don’t want all of our meetings to be brick walls discussions or extended bits and bytes, although some of those meetings have been excellent and very informative.

Our speaker for our Jan. meeting is Jan Lucas. She will talk about the search for her husband’s birth father. She and her husband are English and his father was an American GI during WWII.


Ann Cushman