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President’s Message, February 2015

Are you getting more genealogy done this winter because of the cold and snow?

Once we are home from work or volunteering for the day, we are reluctant to go out again, plus after getting the snow blowing and shoveling done we may need a diversion.

Spring will come sometime, in the meantime this is a good time to review our research materials for the questions we have about a person or family so that when the weather improves we are ready to travel somewhere to try to find an answer.

THE FAMILIES OF THE UPPER SAINT JOHN VALLEY IN 1790 sales are slow but are ongoing.

Our Northern Maine Fair project of Civil War soldiers’ database is progressing; we will have a report at the next meeting. I expect there will be a discussion about what will be included as there is no template to go by so we have to design it as we go.

I am still asking for your help with future program ideas. Please put on your thinking caps.

Brenda Bourgoine