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President’s Message, August 2017


I had a visit this past weekend from some cousins from Massachusetts. We have been to cemeteries, the library, to see other cousins and you name it.

This cousin is “the one” for his side of the family. We did a lot of reminiscing with my mother. His 17 year old seemed to be interested and asked questions about what he was seeing as he manned the copy machine. You never know what you do that might be the spark to get someone interested.

My cousin had a family picture when our great grandparents were young. My mother and I had never seen Grammy young. You never know when or where family treasures might be found.

More than one relative has asked me “what are you going to do with your stuff?” That’s the thing we all need to think about. Who or what entity will be the recipient of all our work? Just food for thought.

Hope you are having fruitful visits and researches.

Ann Cushman