President's Message

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President’s Message, August 2015

Is everyone as busy as I am this summer? From what I hear I think so.

Before I went to the Genealogy Fair in Augusta I got to do some research in Skowhegan. That fair was well attended and we talked to lots of people and now many more know about ACGS and what we do as a group. Important contacts were made.

Thank you to Heather, Spike and Dennis for the great bookmarks, it was nice to have them to pass out at both fairs I attended last month. Thank you, Jay, for printing all the brochures and other papers our group needed. Thank you also to all members, including our spouses for working at everything you did this summer. (Too many to name individually and I’m afraid to forget someone.)

I spent a wonderful afternoon when I met a distant cousin for the first time, and she is also interested in family history. She had no breaking news for me about Aaron
Jackson but I still learned new things.

Hope your summer is productive too.

Brenda Bourgoine