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President’s Message, April 2015

As I sit to write this, I am totally surrounded by books! It’s a good place to be. Our group has had some great donations to our collection. Allen is moving, he has downsized and we have been the recipients of much of his collection. At the same time we are unpacking the donation that we received from the Louise Levasseur estate some time ago. At the time of that gift we were out of space in our previous storage. We next will do the donation that we received from Ray and Carolyn Hildebrand.

Presently several of ACGS members have been working in the Archival room at the Caribou Public Library. Our holdings are shelved; we can have meetings and do our research there. The work is not complete but in time we will look like a library. Our resources cover a wide range of topics and titles.

Lisa and her staff have been helpful and we welcome the chance to do everything in one space. I am grateful for all of the help I have received in doing this, it falls under my title as archivist/historian but I could not have accomplished it by myself, all working together to benefit ACGS.

Thank you everyone.

Brenda Bourgoine