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P.I. Library

The Presque Isle Library now has access to in house. I think this may be true for all/most libraries in the state so you should check.

Per a September 17-18 issue of the BDN, a 150 year-old private cemetery in Saco is being moved. This has also been a topic in the MOCA newsletters. A MOCA member whose grandparents are buried there had been complaining for some time that Funtown/Splashtown had put a trench within 10 feet of the cemetery in violation of a law requiring a 25 foot buffer. The graves are being moved to the Laurel Hill Cemetery by municipal workers with assistance from a local funeral director. Even though there are laws protecting cemeteries, it’s not clear who in law enforcement/the courts, etc. you can take these matters to if there’s a problem. I believe this man had to pay for a lawyer to make the powers that be do anything.