Odds and Ends

Ann Cushman provides a marvelous resource of odds and ends and tidbits and stuff from the unusual to the amusing. In between, you might find a clue or a new source of information to aid your research.


Odds and Ends for September 2011

– By Ann Cushman

Gleanings from the NEGHS e-newsletter:

Polly was a popular nickname but remember the real name may actually be Mary.

www.wvculture.com will bring you to the West Virginia Archives and History site.

www.sonsanddaughtersofww2veterans.org – This society was launched in January 2011. Obviously those folks only have to worry about going back 70 years and not several centuries. The purpose of the society is for family ancestry/lineage, perpetuate stories of sacrifice and achievement of the “greatest generation” and create a database for future authors, historians and students.

Did you know that when Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State it was his idea to have the dollar divisible by 100 units instead of 60 units like some European countries used?