Odds and Ends

Ann Cushman provides a marvelous resource of odds and ends and tidbits and stuff from the unusual to the amusing. In between, you might find a clue or a new source of information to aid your research.


More Research Gems from “The Maine Genealogist”

Sangerville, ME 2/2001 Vol 23, No 1, pages 9-11

Out of Line: The Transcribed Sangerville, ME Marriage Records by Bill Principe:

A prior publication of these marriage records listed a lot of married individuals as being married to the wrong spouse.

The Eleven Lost Days by Robert Carver Brooks

8/1999 Vol 21, No. 3 pages 99-110: This is why we have a few years where you have to write the correct date for your ancestor birth or death date as 8 Mar 1685/1686