Odds and Ends

Ann Cushman provides a marvelous resource of odds and ends and tidbits and stuff from the unusual to the amusing. In between, you might find a clue or a new source of information to aid your research.


Gleanings from the NEHGS weekly e-newsletter

* Look up Civil War Photo Sleuth. You’ll find an article in Slate and other articles which will explain their use of facial recognition software. One of the photos they examined was from the Maine State Archives. They identified the man as Francis Marion Eveleth who was the assistant surgeon of the 7th Maine Infantry. He was living in Presque Isle in 1860.

* Some municipal web sites may have cemetery databases.

* If you’re trying to remove glued-on pictures from old photo albums, try using dental floss.

* About 70 people who participated in the Boston Tea Party on Dec.16, 1773 have had commemorative markers placed at their gravesites in four Boston cemeteries.

* As of Jan. 1st, 2019 there will be a mass expiration of copyrights. The last time was 21 years ago. They will now keep expiring every January until 2073.