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Fort Fairfield Newspapers Online

— Submitted by Leslie G. Poole, Rockland, ME

I’ve been to the Fort Fairfield Library several times and agonized about perusing their old newspapers. They are so fragile and “crackly.” But now, thanks to librarian Jennifer Gaenzle, newspapers are now online to browse from the comfort of your own home, which, if you’re like me, might be hundreds of miles away!

No longer is there a need to spend hours leafing through all these archival treasures in hopes of finding a relative — now just type a name, date (1863-2012), etc. and voila! I have found so many “goodies” about my grandparents and great-grandparents, even mention of the birth of my mother — in a snow storm — and long sought-after death date of my great-great grandmother! To access this easy-to-use site, go to: then scroll down to “Digital Archives” in bold red letters. Click on: which will take you to the ‘Community History Archive’ page and start your search or choose the ‘Advanced Search’ at the top of the page to be more specific. Once at the page, move your mouse to the top and a ‘zoom’ bar appears.

The library also has their historical and genealogical books in an on-line catalog (under a heading of that name in red); click on:<BR>.

Happy Hunting!