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Covid and Genealogy Research

The Covid situation is changing and not for good at this time, with an increase in the number of cases in Aroostook County. Therefore, the library has made it mandatory that all persons within the building wear masks. I now know personally what it means to have family with Covid as my family in Florida has survived but they are now suffering the long-term effects, all because they did not get their vaccination shots.

The program this month will be put on by Dennis. He has acquired books and records over the years showing the family tree lineage of certain families and when he has done a follow-up a few years later, he has found that some family trees have changed or should be changed because of newly discovered records and information. This should be an interesting program.

The Maine Genealogy conference scheduled for Sept. 11th will only be virtual.

Hope to see you all on Monday, August 23rd, wearing your masks.