This comes from me reading an article with reference to Lady Day and the year. Member Frances H. explained it and then I was off looking for more… Lady Day is on 25 March. It’s the Feast of the Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary. It’s the first of four traditional quarter […]

Lots of hair dye bottles were found at an archaeology dig in Kentucky. The site was where Civil War photography was done. They believe that the soldiers colored their hair to look better. If you had light or blonde hair back then it would look gray in the photo.

Apparently there is an app from the U.S. Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that allows you to make a tree that highlights health conditions that have passed down in the family.

From The Irish Times for Dec. 5th. 2019

Beyond 2022 is Ireland’s Virtual Treasury research project to try and retrieve as many documents as possible that were lost in the fire at the Public Records Office in 1922 during the Civil War. They’re trying to recreate virtually as much of the archives as they can in digital format that will be accessible to […]

Remember there are more than the usual 1790-1940 census schedules. Go onto the National Archives web site and look at the list of schedules they have. Some are supplements to the main census schedules. Remember that some of the classifications are not politically correct by today’s standards. has an article on the 1840 and […]

From speaking to the Maine State Library genealogy reference specialist B.J. Jamieson I found out you can access MyHeritage from your own home through your local library. Go to your library home page. Look for Digital Maine Library and click on MyHeritage. Scroll through their alphabetized listings and click on MyHeritage (Library Edition). When you […]

From the NEHGS e-newsletter

The Great Migration Parish Web Mapping App is now online. The 1620-1640 indexes with about 5,700 families or individuals were used. There were last known places for about 1,800 of them. It is hoped this will give more clues for research. It’s mostly English but has other places also. Check it out.

Frances Heales tells me that an English city has a cathedral: Lowland Scots were mainly Protestant and Highland Scots mainly Catholic She has seen pner and pnella after a name in records. The letter N used to be a letter U….puer is boy in Latin and puella is girl. She also answered my questions on […]

Gleanings from the NEHGS weekly e-newsletter

* Look up Civil War Photo Sleuth. You’ll find an article in Slate and other articles which will explain their use of facial recognition software. One of the photos they examined was from the Maine State Archives. They identified the man as Francis Marion Eveleth who was the assistant surgeon of the 7th Maine Infantry. […]

Back in the 60’s when my grandmother and I were going through a container with old jewelry and broken necklaces etc. I came upon a wedding band. It was engraved with her father’s initials and other initials that I did not recognize. She explained that her father’s first family all died. I never would have […]