More Research Gems from “The Maine Genealogist”

Sangerville, ME 2/2001 Vol 23, No 1, pages 9-11 Out of Line: The Transcribed Sangerville, ME Marriage Records by Bill Principe: A prior publication of these marriage records listed a lot of married individuals as being married to the wrong spouse. The Eleven Lost Days by Robert Carver Brooks 8/1999 Vol 21, No. 3 pages […]

Research Gems from “The Maine Genealogist”

Kittery, ME, Third Parish Church Records from a manuscript prepared by Dr. John Eldridge Frost: 8/1999 Vol 21, No. 3, pages 125-132 11/1999 Vol 21, No. 4, pages 173-176 2/2000 Vol 21, No. 1, pages 25-30 5/2000 Vol 21, No. 2, pages 95-93 8/2000 Vol 21, No. 3, pages 139-140 11/2000 Vol 21, No. 4, […]

From working on a Mayflower lineage for someone: When using the Five Generation/Silver Books they may actually have a 6th and 7th generation in them for some lines. It sometimes took until those later generations to verify the 5th. When doing a person’s line we only had to submit proof for the last 4 or […]

Don’t forget probate is not just wills, estates and trusts. It’s also for name changes, adoptions, guardianships and more. Probate Court has had names such as Court of Protection, Poor Court, and Widows and Orphans Court.

From a suggestion by member Frances Heales: Hearth taxes (property tax) were collected in England and Wales from 1662-1689. Scotland’s was from 1691-1695 and Ireland’s into the early 1800s. The head of the household was noted, how many hearths, and whether they had paid or not. It also included those exempted from paying such as […]

Gleanings from the NEHGS e-newsletter

Onomastics is the study of the etymology, history, and use of proper names. Etymology is the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning. The Maine Genealogist of Feb. 2020 Vol. 42, No.1 has an article called A Quest For Roots page 22. This is a good case study using onomastics etc. […]

This comes from me reading an article with reference to Lady Day and the year. Member Frances H. explained it and then I was off looking for more… Lady Day is on 25 March. It’s the Feast of the Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary. It’s the first of four traditional quarter […]

Lots of hair dye bottles were found at an archaeology dig in Kentucky. The site was where Civil War photography was done. They believe that the soldiers colored their hair to look better. If you had light or blonde hair back then it would look gray in the photo.

Apparently there is an app from the U.S. Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that allows you to make a tree that highlights health conditions that have passed down in the family.

From The Irish Times for Dec. 5th. 2019

Beyond 2022 is Ireland’s Virtual Treasury research project to try and retrieve as many documents as possible that were lost in the fire at the Public Records Office in 1922 during the Civil War. They’re trying to recreate virtually as much of the archives as they can in digital format that will be accessible to […]