Row of ancient books some of them over 300 years old
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Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, Summer 2019

On July 20th, the Caribou Public Library presented the Hardison Collection. Project chairperson, Anastasia Weigle, told of the history of the collection arriving at the library and of the volunteers who began working to organize it.

Grover M. Hardison’s grandson Robert Hardison was the guest speaker.

Brent Bubar, surveyor explained surveyors’ terminology and Brenda Bourgoine told how these plat maps are of value to genealogists and historians.

Volunteer, Dave Buchanan told of his work to date and some of the unusual items in this collection.

Anastasia explained how to use the finders file to locate a specific item.

Robert Hardison’s wife, his son and his wife, his daughter, and her finance also were in attendance as well as about twenty-five other interested persons.

We have received several requests for help and promises of items to be donated. Wendy Bossie, Archivist, assisted someone with Caribou research when I was not able to be present. We thank her for helping out.