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Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, October 2017

Allen reports that he and Linda have completed all the work assembling the books and indexing the last of the obituaries. Great job accomplished by them. We extend our thanks.

Recent donations of books, papers, microfilm and CD’s include:

  • Evergreen Cemetery, Nancy Bubar;
  • Cochran Cemetery, Brenda;
  • Thibodeau Reunion Genealogy Book,Gendreau Reunion Genealogy Book, and 1st vol. Ouellette Reunion Genealogy Book from Ron Madore via Allen;
  • Thibodeau Genealogy on CD, Leslie Poole;
  • Several copies of Echoes, Dave Buchanan;
  • History of Parkman, ME, Jay;
  • Images of AM Around Ripley, ME, Jay;
  • History of Morrill, ME, Jay;
  • Vital Records of Carmel, ME to 1891, Jay;
  • Early Families of Cornish, ME, Jay; Marriages of Notre Dame de Saint Hyacinthe 1777-1969 by Rene Jette 1970, Jay

Jay has given our library a microfilm reader and 41 rolls of microfilm:

  • Census records on microfilm are:
    • New Brunswick, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901.
    • Nova Scotia 1838, 1770, 1771, 1785-1787, 1791-1795, 1811, 1817, 1818, 1827, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891.
    • Prince Edward Island, 1841, 1891, 1901.
  • One reel of passenger lists.
  • A complete list with numbers of the new stored microfilms is in our library.

If I have missed someone, please let me know. Work continues as we build and organize our library.

I have started a Family Vertical file so that as Archivist I can keep research that we have done, in an orderly manner, and anyone can have access to it. Some of this research has been done by members who have no family connection to those being researched and we need to keep copies of our work. We have learned recently that we have a second request for help that ties into work that Dennis and I did in 2002.

Anyone can donate to this file, I would prefer that you inform me when you want to do this and I will show my filing system to you. It would be beneficial if the packets are somewhat brief and hopefully easy to follow. Thanks.

Brenda Jackson Bourgoine, Archivist