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Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, November 2018

On a recent trip downstate, I stopped to visit a lady that I meant on my summer bus trip to Cape Cod. She works at the Brewer Public Library. When visiting there she showed me their Historical Room. They primarily collect Brewer materials but did have some other Maine and New England publications. Very nicely set up and they have their resident person who is the expert. Love visiting libraries where I haven’t been before.

Donations received from Patrick Voisine

Quintin Publications on CD’s

1. Tanguay Dictionary CD#3- 1999

2. Corrections & Additions to Tanguay Dictionary CD#6- 1999

3. Rimouski Diocese, Quebec Catholic Church Marriages 1702-1902 CD#95- 2000

4. French-Canadian Marriages 16th Century CD#s- 132 & 133

5. Acadian Genealogy & Notes by Placid Gaudet Ottawa 1905 CD#92

6. Dictionary of Marriages of Parishes of the St. John Valley & New Brunswick reprinted 1977 Rev. Ernest Lang 4 volumes. Originally by Rev. P. Henri Langlois, OFM 1901-1968. (Commonly known as Langlois Marriage Records)

A thank-you note and “Deed of Gift” form, for him to sign and return was sent to him.

Work is currently ongoing to complete our library database and identification of materials.