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Archival Notes May-June 2019

“Needles in Haystacks” was the subject title that was sent to the ACGS website on 29 April 2019. It was forwarded by Heather to Dennis & me.

The sender Sally Knox related that while her parents were stationed at Loring AFB in the 1960’s they purchased a vintage roll top desk. Years later, they found an original marriage certificate under one of the drawers from 1908.

Sally recently joined a genealogy group in Louisiana, where she lives and it prompted her to try and find a home for the certificate. She sent a typed transcript and asked if we would like to have it. After reading the transcript and doing a bit of genealogy on the couple, I replied in the affirmative. We now have the original certificate and a signed Deed of Gift from her which proves that she donated it to ACGS. She was surprised at the ease in which she was able to find a home for it and a group appreciative to receive it.

The bride’s name was Josie Stover of Caribou; the groom Eldon Stanley Knox of Chipman, New Brunswick. Josie used her stepfather’s name, her birth father was a Venning. Eldon Stanley Knox better known as Stanley was a partner in the Knox Brothers blacksmith and carriage shop on Water Street in Caribou a business that lasted many years.

I am assembling paperwork, including a copy of the marriage certificate, a copy of one which was registered in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, census records and Pedigree Charts of these families. When completed, it will be placed in the genealogy section alphabetically in K for Knox/Venning/ Stover.