Row of ancient books some of them over 300 years old
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Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, May 2017

The Aroostook County Genealogical Society (ACGS) Library in the Archival Room at The Caribou Public Library (CPL) is gradually growing its’ collection.

The growth has been phenomenal since we were invited to meet at CPL and bring our research books and materials to this location.

Ann and I have attempted to make items easier to find by topic and/or location. Signage is not complete and we may still change things as we go along.

Over time CPL and ACGS have combined genealogical materials in this one location with at least two historian/genealogists “on call” for library assistance. We will continue to encourage persons who require help, to make an appointment to ensure that someone is present when they are there.

Please remember that we are a non-profit organization, and donations for our assistance are encouraged.

Brenda Bourgoine, archivist