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Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, January 2019

A few more requests for genealogical and/or historical help have come our way. Dennis and I have answered queries, always within a few days. It is disheartening that we do not get so much as a thank-you and even when I request acknowledgement from them upon receiving the information, I get no response. Heads up to members, remember this when we ask someone for information/help. A Thank-you with or without a donation goes long way. We are volunteers.

Work is progressing on the Archival Finder data base. Allen and I have taken on the job, as the lack of knowledge of genealogy and of the program made the volunteers services not practical. We have devised a system where Allen can do most of the typing from home and enter the information at the library from a zip drive backup.

From the Glenwood Cemetery Association, PI, a copy of 17 pages of the organizational book from August 1893 to 1930. In original handwriting, officers names, schools where meetings took place and two burials, donor Ann Cushman.

Brenda Bourgoine, archivist