Row of ancient books some of them over 300 years old
Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, September 2018

We have had quite a bit of activity in the archives this summer. We have seen researchers from Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts as well as Southern Maine.

Requests have come in from other areas, and we have tried to provide an answer to everyone, sometimes just giving suggestions where we think they should look.

On August 4, as a part of Caribou History Week, the Archives were open. Anastasia, Allen and I showed approximately 27 visitors our Library and informed them of some of our research materials. We had displays showing some of the topics we have done in the past year.

I assembled a new display in the Library case on the main entrance floor for ACGS. It includes copies of documents where we might find information.

Summer book donations:

  • Parish of the Precious Blood/Holy Rosary Church, by Nancy Bosse.
  • Twigs and Branches on My Family Tree
  • My Hamilton Family
  • The Life of Ida Mae Willey 1889-1974
  • Photographs, People & Places Aroostook County & Beyond. These 4 donated by Leslie Poole.
  • Genealogy and The Librarian edited by Carol Smallwood and Vera Gubnitskaia. Purchased by ACGS.

Allen and I have designed a template, used to record all books and materials in the Archives. We hope it is user-friendly for us and the Library staff when looking for a particular item. Work is ongoing to record this database.

The next issue of “Paper Talks” County edition features a Caribou group on the cover. Wendy Bossie did research for the editor, G. Pierre Dumont with a very small part by me. When he arrived for the paperwork, she and I gave him a tour of the Archives. Some more publicity won’t hurt, and he travels all over the state. He was impressed with the results of ACGS and Caribou Library’s work.